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Disappointment Strikes Again!

March 29, 2012

It has probably happened to you many times as it has happened to me.  You search the internet to find some FREE software to perform some function and find many links.  As you search through the links you find that most of them are pointing to Trialware, Shareware, or Crippleware instead of Freeware.  Sometimes, as in the events leading up to my posting this information, you see something that really does seem to be freeware and not some crippled down version of some commercial software.  So, as it happens, today I searched for “Free, YouTube, Downloader” because my internet provider doesn’t seem to be able to get anywhere near the download speeds promised when I signed up for the service (another story) and so YouTube videos are constantly pausing while I try to watch them.  I figured the solution was to download the video and watch it off of my local hard drive.  I found this instead:

It LOOKS pretty good. No signs that it is not free, in fact it shows this:

  • E-Zsoft YouTube Downloader includes Flash Player, easy play downloaded Flash(flv) files in your local PC. It’s totally Free!
  • YouTube Downloader insides auto update features.
  • Runtime activation
  • The YouTube Downloader STD version is totally free with full function
  • YouTube Downloader has clean UI style and easy to use.

However, after spending the time to download the file and after the install, you get presented with this notice:

Whoah!  Back the horse up!  WHAT!?  Limitation to size and 7 day trial period! Wonderful!  What a SCAM!  Waste your time downloading and installing before you find out that in fact it is not Freeware!

I instantly uninstalled the software.  I did not test it, did not even start up the program other than to run the Uninstall.exe in it’s directory on my Hard drive (it did not show up in my Control Panel / Uninstall software listing.)  During the uninstall it comes up with a comments box to ask why you are uninstalling it.  I did not put the comments that they deserved, simply told them that I was putting them on my SCAM list.

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